Calling all Wine Club Members: Join us each Friday for an evening of music, wine, and great conversation to start your weekend off on a high note! We book unique artists each week and offer an opportunity to come to the winery after normal hours to enjoy bottle and glass service at the bar! This member-exclusive event starts at 6:30 and runs until 9 pm. Reservations are required and strongly encouraged to be made at least a day in advance.

Follow this link to make an online reservation or call: 541-349-9463 to make your complimentary reservation today!

January 13th 2023 – Chris Couch
Folk, Classic Rock

Portland based musician Chris Couch playing at Sweet Cheeks Winery for Sip at Sunset wine club event January 13th, 2023

Based out of Portland, Chris has found his voice to be one of honest reflection and hope for the future. His eclectic approach to songwriting has led him to many different musical experiences with an audience as diverse as the music he writes.

Chris Couch’s Website

January 20th 2023 – The Feel Button (Sean Paul)
Folk, Country, Blues, Classic Jams

Sean Paul, stage name The Feel Button a Oregon based performer playing tunes by artists including paul simon, johnny cash, etc. Performing at Sweet Cheeks Winery Sip at Sunset event on January 20th 2023

Sean Paul, stage name The Feel Button, is a completely authentic performer, a solo musician playing various tunes by artists including Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Ryan Adams, and Chris Stapleton.  He has the ability to rock roadside bars but gets quiet enough to connect with audiences in more intimate settings. Born and raised in Oregon, Sean enjoys playing shows across the state. He can often be found at local wineries, breweries, or restaurants.

The Feel Button Website

January 27th 2023 – Neil Gregory Johnson
Country, Blues, Folk

As a serious singer-songwriter who doesn’t take himself too seriously, his music consists of free-wheeling finger-style guitar, good time country-blues arrangements, passionate vocals and meaningful lyrics. He’s a charismatic story-teller and as captivating of a solo performer, as anyone in the cosmic country game, but when he has his band behind him he’s a honky-tonk force to be reckoned with.

Neil Gregory Johnson Website

February 3th 2023 – Harrison Weisert
Pianist covering many different genres

Harrison Wiesert is a talented and experienced piano player. He has performed in various countries, including The Shard Tower in London, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, and the United States. Harrison has released three relaxing piano albums on Spotify and Apple Music.

Harrison Wiesert’s Website

February 10th 2023 – Jesse Meade
Classic Country, Soul, Jazz

Jesse Meade is a singer-songwriter who accompanies himself with his own finger-style, acoustic guitar playing while performing both original material and an array of cover songs. Currently, he is performing all over the Northwest while also writing and recording new music.

Jesse Meade’s Website