As autumn approaches, a season of transition and transformation unfolds, and with it comes the excitement of new beginnings and discoveries. In this September Wine Club Release, we’re delighted to bring you a selection that perfectly captures the essence of this time of year.

As the leaves begin to shift to golden hues, we invite you to embrace the spirit of Oregon with our latest offering: our bold and refreshing Dry Rosé and our robust Syrah. These two exceptional varietals stand as a testament to the heart and soul of our winemaking philosophy and embody the very essence of this remarkable region.

Vintage Club Release: 2022 Dry Rosé

Over the years, our Rosé program has dramatically expanded. Our semi-sweet style, Rosy, was the matriarch of the program – but our winemaker, Leo, wanted to expand. This rosé is bold and robust but has an incredibly refreshing squeeze of grapefruit on the finish.

Most people think of rosé as a summer wine, but we love this style of rosé in the fall. The bolder flavors make it impressively versatile with a range of meals, especially the comfort meals we crave as the weather starts to turn. It’s a great option to have on hand for impromptu pizza nights, catching up with friends, or with a savory dessert.

Bottling 2022 Dry Rosé at Sweet Cheeks Winery

Vintage Club Release: 2020 Syrah

Sourced from our friends in Southern Oregon, a stunning bouquet draws you in for a burst of blackberry and layers of robust flavors. You get hints of pepper on the palate, classic to this varietal. The tannin structure of this wine is soft but still shows great strength in the body.

The measure of a great wine is being able to enjoy it year-round. You don’t just crave this wine in the chill of winter; it begs to be on the table for the backyard barbecue or alongside the annual camping trip. Syrah was the favorite red varietal of our Founder, Dan. When it came to dinner – Dan loved to have everyone sit at the dining room table, food served family style, lively conversation with no room for silence, and a bottle (or two) of Syrah in the center.

Sweet Club Release: 2022 Vintage Riesling

Riesling is a fascinating varietal; it breaks people’s standards about white wine. White wines don’t age well, except for Riesling. White wines produce either a dry or sweet wine, except Riesling. White wines have limited food pairing options, except for Riesling. And the list could go on.

Wine Spectator has claimed that Riesling is the wine world’s best-kept secret, and we couldn’t agree more. This Vintage Riesling is our semi-sweet expression of this varietal. You will find juicy fruit notes bursting on the palate, balanced by a hint of lime in the finish. This acidity conserves its freshness if you hold on to a bottle or two for a few years, but we wouldn’t blame you if you enjoy your release bottles right away!

Sweeter styles of Riesling have a world of food pairing options. It makes the perfect companion to spicy Thai or Indian cuisine to balance the heat. It is also our winemaker, Leo’s go-to for a weekend leisurely brunch. We recommend forgoing the traditional dessert after a family meal and opt for a glass of Vintage Riesling instead.