Iasis Kennedy Photography - October 2022
Iasis Kennedy Photography

Choosing your wedding venue can definitely be a daunting task! This is typically one of the first steps in the planning process, but as soon as you find the perfect space to say “I do”, everything else will slowly begin falling into place.

All photos in post taken by Iasis Kennedy Photography from October 2022 wedding

Here are a few of the most important questions to ask while touring potential wedding venues! Out at Sweet Cheeks Winery, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible during tours. This allows me to answer any and all questions that a prospective couple may have in order to ensure we are the perfect fit for one another!

All photos in post taken by Iasis Kennedy Photography from October 2022 wedding

What are the alcohol limitations?

It may feel silly, but if the bar is something you are prioritizing for your big day, this is a very important question to ask the Venue Coordinator. Most venues have very specific guidelines when it comes to alcohol. Depending on a venue’s alcohol license, they may be limited in what they can serve to your guests. At our beautiful winery, we only have the permits to serve our own wine and local beer! Some venues have the availability to host a full bar, which some couples are looking for if they want to have special cocktails tailored to their love story. Make sure you ask if alcohol is included in the venue rental or if there are additional requirements your group will be expected to meet.

Guest Count

As basic as this is, how many guests can be accommodated in a venue is very important. A venue typically has a capacity as well as the actual guest count they can accommodate before things get a bit too crazy. We always want guests to feel safe and at ease moving around, dancing, mingling, and celebrating the couple. Make sure that your entire guest list can feel comfortable and safe in the space you are choosing.

All photos in post taken by Iasis Kennedy Photography from October 2022 wedding


Every venue is different with what amenities are included with your rental. This can include, but is not limited to, getting-ready spaces, chairs, tables, linens, decor, ceremony chairs, glassware, silverware, catering, audio/visual equipment, etc.

Photo Locations

During your initial venue tour, make sure there are areas located around the space where you can take photos with your partner, family and bridal party. If a venue only has a handful of options that you don’t love, then they might not be the space for you.

This all comes back to the question of: what is most important to you on your wedding day? If the answer is breathtaking photos in multiple locations, make sure the venue can meet that vision.

All photos in post taken by Iasis Kennedy Photography from October 2022 wedding

Most Importantly: Can you truly see yourself getting married there?

Don’t try to mold your vision to a venue’s guidelines. The perfect space for you will be able to do everything that you envision for your day. While walking through the space can you see you and your partner dancing the night away under the stars? Can you see your family sitting in the ceremony chairs as you walk down the aisle to your partner? In our space, I always ask my couples coming out for a tour to picture themselves on our arbor, if they’re comfortable with it of course. I’ll even invite them to hop up there and look out into our valley with each other. Can they see themselves in the vineyard walking towards one another in their final wedding fits for the first time? Can they see themselves slow dancing under our bistro lighting? I want couples getting married in our space to feel they are meant to get married here. 

After asking yourself these questions during your venue tour, everything else will come together in the blink of an eye!

All photos taken by Iasis Kennedy Photography from a October 2022 wedding