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Wine Casualists

Enjoying wine doesn’t have to be that complicated.
These are some of our thoughts on wine from your friends at Sweet Cheeks Winery in Eugene, Oregon.


Sweet Cheeks Winery & Vineyard

We believe in wine. Sharing a bottle of wine has the power to bring people together, create thoughtful conversation, and change an ordinary day to something to remember.

We started as a small vineyard, planted by our founder, Dan Smith who didn’t necessarily have dreams of starting a winery but fell in love with the landscape in the community of Crow, located within the countryside of Eugene, Oregon. He eventually built a winery, believing that wine brought about community.

Today we continue that mission, creating wine and experiences to bring people together. We take a relaxed approach to wine because enjoying a bottle doesn’t need to be that complicated. This is why we think of ourselves as wine casuslists.

Most Recent Posts


April 21, 2022

May Wine Club Release

Our May Club releases wines truly have something for everyone! We are looking forward to you enjoying these as we begin to approach summer - Cheers!


January 18, 2022

Wine Country Adventure : Spring

The New Vintage Blooms As you venture out into wine country around the months of April & May, you will see the newest vintage “breaking” through. The vines are waking up, leaves begin to open and reach for the sunshine. You are getting the first visible glimpse of the upcoming harvest. This is arguably the...


September 9, 2021

Sweet Cheeks Winery Family Spotlight, Meet the Wine Club Manager : Brittany Jensen

Get to know the Sweet Cheeks Winery Wine Club Manager, Brittany Jensen.
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